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Representing a brand
world leader in manufacturing
of systems and painting equipment.

We are the experts in technical training, marketing and equipment
the painting in the construction industry (Liquid and Powder), and uv disinfection.
The leaders in the field of painting equipment, and automatic mixers.

The Sistpul, it is our mission to keep track of the whole process of the painting, which fits in
the best, for the manufacture of the article of the company, to the use and training of the systems with which we do business.
We struggle in the fight against the elimination of the virus, and plague, and infectious.

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Sistpul will be a long year has also been characterised by honesty and trust in the only one brand of equipment, and painting.
It is with Wagner, and Sistpul to be the ideal partner to lead the market in these devices.
Which relates to the trust that our customers put in the brand name of the equipment and the work done over the years by the Sistpul.

Industry, and suppliers of services and quick response times to customer service, our clients benefit from our extensive experience, innovative, profitable, and have many years of experience with the world's largest manufacturer of international coating technology for the surface finish.