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High-pressure piston pump, stainless steel, for Airless and AirCoat applications up to 320 bar and 0.9 L/min. Ideal, for example, for professional single-item lacquer stations in production and in workshops.

Excellent Coating Results

EvoMotion piston-pumps work highly efficient to ensure excellent coating results with their even material flow at constant pressure.

Robust and Reliable

Fluid sections are entirely made from stainless steel. High quality and self-adjusting packings reduce wear to a minimum. The air-motor is nearly maintenance-free and does not need any additional lubricants.

Individual set-up

With the variant-configurator, pumps, accessories and components, right up to a ready-to-use spray packs, can be selected according to the coating task.

Technical Data:

Pump ratio: 40 :1

Operating pressure: 320 bar, 4641 PSI

Volumetric flow per double stroke: 15 cm³/DS, 0,92 in³/DH

Volumetric flow per 60 DH: 0.9 l/min

Material inlet: A–M 36x2

Material outlet: A–1/4‘‘ NPS

Air inlet connection: 8 mm

Air inlet pressure: 2,5 – 8,0 bar, 36 – 116 PSI

Sound level at 40 cycles and 6 bar air inlet pressure: 74 dB(A)

Material temperature: 5 - 80 °C, 41 - 176 °F

Material pH: 3.5 – 9 pH

Max. material pressure at pump inlet: 20 bar, 290 PSI

Allowable inclination: ±10 °

Weight: 9,0 kg, 19.8 lb