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Spraypack Will Be Discussed Below In The 10 - 95:150
Piston pump for high-pressure, stainless steel, for applications with air up to 530 bar and 9 L / min.
Extremely robust and ideal for protection against heavy corrosion .

The use of the coating systems in the corrosion protection will generally occur under conditions of operation more difficult and it places the maximum demands on the user.
For precisely these challenges, and WAGNER, provides high technology power, with the IceBreaker-PC piston for high pressure.
The pulse was extremely low and the control, maintenance-free, as well as the control of an exceptionally rugged and easy to handle.
The spray systems of the one-component will also ensure the test results are reliable, and the application of the material in continuous operation.
The WAGNER provides ideal solution, especially for applications with a large range of thicknesses of the layers.

Even with the high humidity of the air motor IceBreaker that prevents ice from forming and therefore the energy losses in the form of a reversal in the total pressure.
Due to the very low piston speed and high dynamic pressure, the pump piston of the high pressure they are designed for handling abrasive material such as, for example, coatings of zinc, in powder form.
The major RackCaddy ensure a complete protection of the system and its accessories from drops and outside influences.

Technical Data:

The pump jaguar 95:150 are mounted to the a/c-car protection

Airless spray gun which will be discussed below, GM 1 530

Hose, high pressure, and 15 mtrs

The nozzle spray will be discussed below in the tip 530 of the bar