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Manual unit Airfluid SECURE in the power of the tank
This is a new revolutionary design that is gaining in the industry. The user-friendly nature, and the unique "double-click on the trigger)",
to change the settings of the different sections of the work-piece, and made it the number one choice for all of you to experience it!
The increase in the rates of transfer efficiency of the application), due to the optimized system of the spray drying by a spray plane FlexNozzle,
for the widest range of requirements of the coating in practical applications.

The-cloud-of-dust, soft, and thickness of the film is more uniform, and the best use of Wagner Prima Sprint 60Ltr X in the dust.
Electroestática optimized for loading, is perfect for the powder, in combination with the waterfall built-in high voltage.
The power of safety and security. A new technology for the processing to be reliable, powder coating, metal, and PRICE standardized, and, of course, all of the powder coating as standard. Certified for Zone 21 (the inner lining).
The blocking of the power. A new system for reliable positioning, and is also close to all of the components of the nozzle, and the components of the functional cross-sectional.
The assembly and disassembly of the parts, the wear and tear of the whole system of the church.
Trigger, double-click on one.
The controller EPG-Sprint X
Easy-to-replicate effects
Program reset, with the push of a button
Save up to 30% of the material is in powder form

Technical Data:

Max. Input voltage 85 - 250V

Max. Input power 40w

Min. Operating temperature 5 - 45 ° C

Min. Input frequency 50 - 60Hz

Min. The pressure of the inlet air 6 - 8bar

The connection of the air inlet of G 1/4 " I

The voltage of the control valve, 24v dc

Min. The flow of air from the exhaust of 0,05 - 20,0 M3 / h)

Class of protection IP64

Weight 38000g