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Spray gun, manual Crown, with a series of high-performance air discharge
The performance of the coating is consistent and reliable
The unit of control cycle is set to the air volume
A constant amount of compressed air, in spite of the fluctuations in the network
The control unit of the fully electronic means for reproducible results
Saving and accessing up to 50 programs for the lining
Diagonal position of the powder container
In the box that the powder is almost completely drained

Using the Sprint AirFluid allows you to work directly out-of-the-box. Ideal for small batches and change frequently the ink.
All the parameters are set and saved via the EPG-Sprint X. it is used In combination with the PEM-X 1, is reached, the surfaces are perfect.

Technical Data:

The input voltage is 85 - 250 vac

Input power 40 W

Input frequency 50 to 60 Hz

degree of protection IP 64

The inlet pressure of the air 0,6 - 0,8 MPa, 6,0 - 8,0 bar, 87 - 116 PSI

The connection of the air inlet of G 1/4 " i

The flow of air from the exhaust of 0,05 - 20,0 M3 / h)

Operating temperature 5 - 45 ° C 41,0 - 113,0 ° F

Weight 38,0 kg 83,8 lbs.