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Technology The AirCoat
Systems, atomization of the series, Wagner and 5000 EAC, which is the result of years of experience in the field of coating, electrostatic.
In the patent to WAGNER, and to the knowledge of electrostatic charges guarantees a finish that's unparalleled, thanks to a pattern of the spray and smooth with excellent action of electrostatic charges.
The best solution to the surface quality, high transfer efficiency and low power consumption is a strong economic advantage, which will guarantee you a fast return on your investment.
The maximum saving in material and is easy to clean and maintain, make the Wagner Electrostatic Paint application Systems, the best choice for you.

Technical Data:

Spray gun, manual electrostatic, solvent, 50 mg or 150 mg

Pump-aircoat "There Evomotion -IceBreaker

Hose electrostatic aircoat for 7.5 - and 15 Mtrs

The nozzle aircoat flat - round