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The Wagner Flex Control Smart is a new system for mixing and dispensing of 2-component, electronically controlled.
The mixture of electronics ensures that a precise mix is consistent, and rapid changes in the recipe.
The other advantage of mixing e-it is only the mix that is needed, thereby reducing significantly the amount of waste.

The operation is simple, saves time and prevents operating errors.
The storage and transmission of data from consumption and ensure more efficient management of the material.
The cleaning function integrated in the clean system, in a fully automatic mode and provides a savings of an additional time.

-For maximum Efficiency and Performance With the system for mixing and dispensing of 2 component, the surface quality can be considerably improved.
The extension options allows the use of up to five paints and two hardeners.
Pressure for optimal - Because of the special valves for low pressure and large cross-sections, there is no loss of pressure even with low pressure applications.
-Operation is simple and intuitive to use, Four buttons for the painter - Start, Stop, Flush, Change a Recipe - what could be simpler? A clear role for the operator to guarantee a fast and efficient way.

The data of the Consumption Flex-Control-for Smart will automatically save the data of the consumption volumes and the consumption of the components A, B, and C, and the product of the wash, total Vocs, total work, and an alarm.
Using a usb flash drive, USB drive, data can be downloaded to a PC and then evaluated and stored by the management software.
Software, programming, Smart Data - Using the configuration software, the Smart Data, all of the parameters, and the revenues of the system, they work not only through the touch screen of the Wagner Flex Control Smart
but it can also be defined by an external PC and uploaded to the system via a USB connection.

Technical Data:

The accuracy of the mixture to within ± 1%

Ratio of 0.1: 1 - 50: 1

A pressure of 1 to 250 bar, 15 - 3626 PSI

The input material the Cone built-in G 1/4 ”, 60 °c

The output of THE material – 1/4 ”NPS), inner cone 60 °

The temperature of the material is 5 to 60 ° C), Reaching 41.0 - 140.0 ° F

Ambient temperature 5 - 40 ° C 41 - 104 ° F

Component 1-A - 5

The Component B-1 And A - 2

The Component C Is 0 - 1

The fluid to wash for The 2

Washer fluid B 2

The PH of the material is 3,5 - 9,0 pH

Width 530 mm), and 20.9-inch

Height-1 - 325 mm, with eur 52.2 inches.

The depth of 340 mm by 13.4-inch