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Quick, clean, perfect, I love the idea of a paint spray for a small project
Tech spray's innovative and high-efficiency (HEA): "THE nozzle-HEA ProTip up to 55 percent less in excess of spray, as well as a longer service life due to a reduction in the pressure of the water.
Painting made easy: the Application of the ink is noticeably easier as a result of a default of the spraying softer, with a maximum of control.
Suction directly from the original container of spray paint without any air to extract the material directly from the paint bucket or the container with the nail Polish.

Equipped with a pistol, Professional, Vector, Grip-Ideal for paints, plastics, and solvents.

Technical Data:


MAX. The RATE OF DELIVERY of 1.3 l / min.

OPERATING pressures to 20.7 MPa,

The WEIGHT of 23 kg

The OUTPUT OF the MOTOR 0,8 kW

VOLTAGE 230 V / 50 Hz.

TECHNOLOGY piston Pump

EXPLOSION-proof does not