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Cobra® is a diaphragm pump, a double, high pressure, patented, suitable for applications with Airless and AirCoat up to 250 bar.
Cobra® is the first pneumatic high-pressure pump without any friction. The lack of contact between the
and the external atmosphere (the pump is completely Sealed), the absence of any friction in the fluid causes it to be a perfect fit for any type of material, and
Including the products that are most critical to you, such as paints, reactive (UV Inks, isocyanates, acrylics) or highly abrasive materials.
The pump operates with a pulse rate is extremely low, and that creates a flow of the ink in a uniform, picking up a perfect pattern for excellent surface quality.
Their internal volumes are minimised and the pump is designed to greatly reduce solvent consumption and waste of materials during the washing and changing of color in the work.

Cobra® 40-10 is the ideal solution for working with quantities and the frequent change of color is recommended for the furniture industry, carpentry work, exterior and industrial metal in general.
Cobra® 40-10 is ideal for basic power or content to the units of the mixture of 2 - (FlexControl smart FlexControl 'comfort'). As to the application of the product.

Technical Data:


The pump charges you a 40:10, is mounted on the support,

The hose aircoat 7.5 meters of 1/8

The gun aircoat-GM 4700 AC

Tank 5 ltrs

The nozzle self-cleaning ac-3000