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Thanks to the modular design, you receive a booth solution which is a perfect fit for your operation. Additional energy saving features may be added to these already cost-effective systems. If desired, we install further required components, such as control cabinets, piping and more. The filter mats offer a high separation efficiency and high intake capacity, thus reducing the required filter change and booth maintenance efforts.
Available working widths in mm: 1.000 / 1.200 / 1.400 / 2.000.

•Perfect Lighting Conditions

•Flexible Design

•Quick Filter Change

•Multi-layer Filter Technology


Technical Data:

Drive motor rating: 0.75 kW

Overall depth: 1000 mm, 39 in.

Overall height: 1900 mm, 75 in.

Workbench height: 805 mm, 32 in.

Working depth: 675 mm, 27 in.

Workspace height: 1065 mm, 42 in.