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The components of the large-size material and air passages to support a spray-perfect, and high-speed applications.
Low maintenance costs and downtime are minimised due to the needles that are durable and the seals are resistant to mineral spirits.
Thanks to the nozzle, a two-party, it is sufficient to replace only the head of the nipple rather than the nipple to full, if it is necessary.
The width of the jet of spray can be adjusted with just one knob. The low weight and the ergonomic design of the gun to support a work, without fatigue, even over long periods of time.
Once it has been adjusted, the air volume is adjusted automatically when the spray system is not changed. This will help to reduce over-spray. The adjustment of the adjustable stroke of the needle that provides a flow of the material.
Due to the large pass-through of the material are made of stainless steel and the model is GM-1030P is a very flexible and versatile. It is perfectly suited to the material of the high-and low-viscosity, and as much water as a solvent.

Technical Data:

The maximum pressure on the material 8 to the bar

Temperature of the room. 5 - 40 ° C

Max. the temperature of the material to 40 ° C

Max. the pressure on the material 8 to the bar

A process of atomization Airspray

The entry of the material, internal thread G 3/8 "

Weight 483 g

The connection of the air out of the vaporizer (G), 1/4 in.