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Pump, pneumatic diaphragm operated, pneumatic
The best results finish with a clear-cut cost savings, with the diaphragm pump, a double-WAGNER-TOPFINISH DD is 10 and for the supply of guns, Airspray manual and automatic transmission.
Ideal for use scumming in wooden furniture coating of metal parts and the application of the metallic paint for the plastic parts.

The flow of the material of the free-breathing without the use of a regulator of pressure of a material, such as is the case with standard pumps, resulting in a spray pattern is uniform.
Handling and maintenance quick and easy
It can be integrated into a wide variety of installations with no problems
All parts that come into contact with the material are made of stainless steel
The low volume in the pump, resulting in a significant reduction of waste, and solvents.

Technical Data:


Pump with double membrane, DD10 the a/ c control. Mounted on tripod legs

Tank 5 ltrs

The hose airspray by 7.5 mtrs

The gun airspray Pilot trend